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We build long-term relationships no matter how big or small the task. We’re always innovating, growing and evolving. Our team members combine their expertise and experiences to create a single, harmonious unit that can quickly adjust to any situation, culture or challenge.

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Each of our team members makes a unique contribution to our collective success. Here are some of their stories.



Shanghai, China

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Shanghai, China

During the 14 years working in the IT integration industry, I’ve learned different working processes from different job positions at QTS. QTS is like a big family, providing guidance for us to move ahead in work and life. New challenges arise every day!



Shanghai, China

I graduated from Donghua University in Shanghai. The working environment and atmosphere in QTS are always so happy and fun. On their birthdays, everyone seems like they’re only 18.



Minnesota, USA

I grew up during the age when PCs were born, and I was intrigued by technological change within the field of IT. With the ever-shifting landscape of technology, each day is new and exciting and drives the internal passion for the Industry. I have had leadership roles since I was 18, and I have been in different industries such as fast food, security, construction, administration, corporate America, and global IT.



Shanghai, China

I remember dreaming of who I could become. I never thought of what it took. Working at QTS is like riding a roller coaster without rails. It’s thrilling! What’s even better is the team we have that’ll ride that roller coaster with you.


System Integrations Manager, Infrastructure

London, UK

Hi, I’m Mark! I have obtained over 20 years of IT experience by working with fast-paced and agile IT groups and delivering excellence in large, medium, and small businesses. I am passionate about building strong relationships across all levels of business to deliver projects that bring about a positive change.



Melbourne, Australia

Joining QTS as an IT Support Engineer made me see different kinds of issues in IT infrastructure. The work environment has taught me to be adaptive and sharp as there is always something new. I learned a lot from this field of work, and my valuable team members have guided and taught me. In addition, I was able to work with different people around the world, which has been a fun and exciting experience for me.


Senior Research & Integration Engineer, Growth

Jakarta, Indonesia

The best part of my job is that I get to do what I love with a wonderful team every day. Working with QTS gives me an opportunity to widen my horizons. Each moment takes me one step closer to be who I’m meant to be.



California, USA

I enjoy taking on the role of being a marketing and business development analyst as I can contemplate and peruse for a living. Aside from that, the best part is being around friendly and passionate individuals. Suffice to say, QTS helped me overcome the daily struggle of being a worrier and transformed me into a warrior in these unpredictable times.



Tokyo, Japan

I have never been the best at anything, whether at sports or academics. But I have never been the worst either. In life, I try to surround myself with people I can look up to. It leads me one step closer to be a better version of myself. I like to challenge myself. I like to learn more. I like to strive to be better. This philosophy led me to live a double life: IT Engineer/Business Analyst by day, online college student by night. At QTS, I’m always learning new things. Every day is an adventure.


Administrative Staff

Shanghai, China

QTS is like a big family with love and harmony. I have grown a lot here, and I hope to get even better and better with the team.


Research Analyst and Administrative Assistant

Manila, Philippines

Working in QTS is all about the right timing. It’s having that sparkle of passion in your heart that drives you to pursue your dreams. It’s like a beautiful coincidence.


Research Analyst and Administrative Assistant

Manila, Philippines

The shape of information fascinates me on most days. Otherwise, it’s the consistencies in skies and the ambiguity of time.


Audio Video Specialist

Shanghai, China



Tokyo, Japan

For many years of being an IT engineer, I have strictly followed a premise, thinking that I need to fight and continuously improve to build a career. However, with QTS, I have learned that all the challenges I have faced are all for the better. Besides, what’s better is doing it with an incredible team!



Shanghai, China

I had no idea that I would grow and learn this much in my three years at QTS. From desktop support to servers, I have faced challenges that I was able to handle with the help and guidance of the team. With that, I am now also able to help and guide our new team members.




I once staked $400 on the correct score for Wigan vs. Man Utd’s 2012 EPL game. Google it (I won). What I love about working in QTS is that there’s a lot of freedom as long as you get things done. Although we’re far apart, we are all still close and updated about what’s up. 以德服人



Hong Kong

Working in QTS has challenged me to grow out of my shell. Because our team is pretty diverse, I felt fortunate to be able to work and learn from the other team members.


IT Engineer

Beijing, China

I’m a systems engineer with years of expertise in project coordination, hardware and software installation, troubleshooting, and overall IT audit. I’m also responsible for providing desktop support as well as creating daily and monthly IT reports. Additionally, I communicate with clients regarding their IT incident reports, optimize their server environment, and ensure that technical tasks are complete.



Shenzhen, China

I am a desktop engineer, and I am good at solving various problems on the computer. I can also quickly respond to customer requests or concerns and provide them with comprehensive solutions! I am good at installing multiple Windows systems and can solve different issues on the software, making the system run smoother and safer! I like my job. I have been doing this job for many years, and although I experience a lot of challenges while I’m on the clock, I believe I can keep learning, making breakthroughs, and finishing all my work well! Thanks!



Seoul, Korea

Working at QTS is an amazing global experience, and it is an opportunity to meet various people. At this company, you can demonstrate your abilities and create a pleasant interpersonal relationship. After working here, I can expect to have a brighter future. I’m very happy to be in the company of good people.



Guangzhou, China

Having worked as a helpdesk maintenance IT engineer for several years, my main focus is on providing complementary skill sets to create new opportunities and better serve our customers.


IT Engineer

Jinan, China

Through self-study and work practice, I have accumulated rich experience during the past 11 years that I was a part of the company. I was involved in our company’s network environment management, server management, and information security, assisting enterprises in establishing a safe and efficient network environment.


IT Engineer


As a service engineer of QTS, I consciously abide by company discipline and various rules and regulations. In addition, I always practice critical thinking and strong organization and coordination with other departments. My ability to quickly adapt to new environments and withstand tremendous work pressure boosted my confidence to face new tasks and create more benefits for the company and the enterprise.


IT Engineer

Shanghai, China

As one of the engineers of QTS Global, I try to do everything carefully to meet all the clients’ demands and needs.



Shanghai, China

I feel great every day, knowing that I work at QTS. My team motivates me to grow and learn a lot to improve my knowledge and skills. I am glad to have met so many excellent colleagues. I am full of confidence in the future.


IT Engineer

Shanghai, China

I’m an IT engineer responsible for the everyday operations of network equipment, domain servers, file servers, encryption server, monitoring systems, UPS power supply, and many more. I am also in charge of the maintenance of office equipment (computers, printers, video conferencing, etc.), as well as the online implementation of the current system.


IT engineer

Changzhou, China

QTS allows us to work together. This, for me, is kind of fate.


IT Engineer

Shanghai, China

Happy and healthy every day.


IT engineer

Suzhou, China

My 15 years of work have given me a rich working experience and left me full of awe and gratitude to the company. Knowing that I’ve joined a great team is something I cherish, and I look forward to getting to know everyone even more. I also believe that QTS can develop rapidly, just as fast as IT.


IT Engineer

Shanghai, China

When people are in adversity, their ability to adapt to the environment is amazing. People can endure misfortune, but also can overcome misfortune, because people have amazing potential. As long as they are determined to give full play to it, they will be able to tide over difficulties. — Carnegie


IT Engineer

Tokyo, Japan

I am a husband and father. Aside from these, I am a volunteer who strives to bring more food as well as better education and health services to the community. I believe sharing is not something that makes you poorer, but instead, it adds more happiness and smiles to others’ lives.



Bangkok, Thailand

I joined QTS Global at the end of Q1 of 2020. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, I’ve been taking care of customers in Thailand. It’s a good opportunity to challenge myself. My co-workers are friendly and professional, and I’m so happy to work with them.




I’m a curious person who relishes exploring and studying new technologies in IT engineering.



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As an IT engineer based in Malaysia, working with QTS gave me the best work experience. In addition, the friendly work environment helps everyone in discussing and solving IT issues.


Network Engineer

Shanghai China

My task mainly focuses on the maintenance of Windows Server 2008, data backup and migration, and establishment and maintenance of the Kingdee ERP approval process. I also work on the backup and storage of ERP data as well as the maintenance and data sorting of ERP database using SQL 2005 statements.

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For more than two decades, QTS Global has been partnering with multinational companies to solve even the most intractable IT issues. Here are some of their stories

The highest quality potatoes deserve the highest quality IT.

Lamb Weston, a global leader in manufacturing innovative frozen potatoes, needed technical expertise on the ground in APAC to execute against their global IT standards. As a result, they once again partnered with QTS to support global expansion and increased manufacturing while ensuring that their APAC sites are compliant. Among other critical projects, they also worked with QTS to upgrade their CRM capabilities through the deployment of Salesforce.

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Improving the IT that helps improve lives.

Organized into four divisions—Bioscience, Diagnostic, Hospital and Bio supplies–Grifols provide their innovative solutions in more than 100 countries. Which means they have 100 reasons to work with a proven partner that can provide IT expertise at the local level, wherever they are. So they partnered with QTS Global to simplify their systems, create efficiencies and reduce costs at their APAC sites.

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