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Do you hate losing your mind over how meetings get disrupted because of internet connectivity issues?

Do you hate it when you keep forgetting your global workforce don’t work in the same time zone as you, causing you delays in your projects?

Do you hate losing sleep over the regulatory changes in your global sites because you want your company to focus on your next campaign?

With QTS:


Our team’s commitment to and passion for service sets us apart.

Our team is motivated by how happy we can make our clients—not how much they buy.


Global best practices wherever you are.

Regardless of where you are in the world, QTS specializes in bridging the technological preferences of headquarters with those of the local teams. It’s all creating seamless communication and deep understanding between HQ and the local office on the services they share.


We understand your culture, your company and you.

With various offices operating in different countries, it’s critical that we understand various cultures and divergent ways of working in order to deliver the right solutions in every location, every time. By being centralized in APAC, we work within the nuances of different cultures, companies and people, not around them.

How Do You Know You Won’t Lose IT With Us?

Knowledge Is Power

Technology: Global best practices wherever you are

Do you have everything in order for your global site?  Are the equipment and operating systems safe and sound? Is your local team prepared for the launch? Don’t worry. QTS Global has your back.

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