QTS Global Can Help You End Needless IT Suffering.

In an effort to eliminate all IT pain in APAC, we’re passionate about customizing end-to-end solutions for our American and European clients who need boots on the ground.

What We Do

We embrace a seamless, drama-free approach to IT problem-solving that puts the client at the center of everything we do. Our clients enjoy a single, dedicated partner providing full coverage throughout their APAC sites.

Quality: Our team’s commitment to and passion for service sets us apart

Our team is motivated by how happy we can make our clients—not how much they buy.

Technology: Global best practices wherever you are

Regardless of where you are in the world, QTS specializes in bridging the technological preferences of headquarters with those of the local teams. It’s all creating seamless communication and deep understanding between HQ and the local office on the services they share.

Solutions: We understand your culture, your company and you

With various offices operating in different countries, it’s critical that we understand various cultures and divergent ways of working in order to deliver the right solutions in every location, every time. By being centralized in APAC, we work within the nuances of different cultures, companies and people, not around them.

Quality. Technology. Solutions.

That’s QTS. Whatever you need anywhere in APAC. We’ve got you covered.

Our Clients

QTS Insights

With over two decades helping companies end their needless IT suffering, we’ve learned a thing or two. Here’s some of the thought leadership we’ve developed.

Would you like a complimentary IT audit?

Everything you need to know about your overall APAC IT environment--from comprehensive risk ratings to identifying system vulnerabilities, critical updates needed and full compliance.

Managing Cross-Cultural Teams

90% of CEOs believe if cross-cultural communications were to improve, profit, revenue and market share would follow. See our 9 tips for helping global businesses do just that throughout APAC.

100% Ticket Resolution

It starts with committing resources. Not just assigning an engineer, but a complete team including a primary engineer, a secondary engineer and a coordinator to resolve any issues. There's a science to it. And for us, it’s an exact science.

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