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Supporting the Successful Expansion of a Multinational Organisation Across Asia Pacific


With some of the most recognised spirit and wine brands sold in more than 170 countries and more than 4,700 employees operating across 40 countries, this company is among the top 10 largest global spirit companies in the world.

This global presence means they are a truly multinational organisation, which brings a series of complex IT, procurement and regulation challenges when it comes to managing operational systems across borders and time zones.

This company has been working with QTS Global for almost 15 years, starting out with managing their operations in China before expanding services to connect their IT systems across 14 different sites located across Asia Pacific (APAC).

Now, QTS Global is responsible for managing the procurement of IT software, IT expertise and supporting the full techstack across multiple sites in APAC.


Managing multiple locations and receiving trustworthy support

Two of the biggest challenges initially facing this American owned spirit and wine company was managing their IT estate across multiple sites in APAC and dealing with local suppliers.

The IT leaders within the Company were losing confidence in what was being delivered and struggled with clear and effective communication with local IT providers.

This disconnect increased the potential for products to be implemented that didn’t provide a clear benefit to the Company. On investigation, IT leaders found that software hadn’t been purchased, others hadn’t been installed correctly or had been delivered poorly. This was now creating serious operational challenges.

The Company had been unsuccessful in finding a single partner that could understand the complex IT requirements needed and the leaders within the Company had grown cautious of bringing in another external IT managed service provider.
That was until a chance conversation with an existing QTS Global client who recommended the reliable and trustworthy experience they had working with QTS Global.


Building a managed IT solution that delivers

The first task was to carry out a full audit of the IT infrastructure and services and a review of how the IT performed across every level of the organisation.

Having established the nature of the challenges, the QTS Global team set about fixing the mission critical elements of the Company’s IT operations.
One of the biggest challenges was dispelling the misinformation the Company had been provided with previously. Once this was corrected, proven IT systems and solutions could be rolled out and correctly installed that showed a very quick return on performance and efficiency.

The next phase was the procurement and installation of the complete IT software and hardware network. This involved uninstalling all of the existing IT infrastructure, followed by a rollout of a newly designed and fully optimised IT system.

This included everything from:

• Installing and connecting fibre cabling
• Procuring, deploying and optimising the full Microsoft Cloud suite of services Procuring and installing a new ERP system
• Installing a new CRM system to help with their growth and customer relations

QTS Global was also tasked with sourcing all the local Tier 3 data centres in the region that could securely handle their data storage requirements.


Expanding an optimised IT network on a global scale

QTS Global has helped the Company expand its operational IT capability on a global scale, connecting offices in the APAC region to the global IT team headquartered in the USA.

QTS Global provides now provides:

• Full IT management services across the entire business including the procurement of software, hardware and the latest IT specialists
• The installation and deployment of IT services, ensuring the latest compliance to country specific regulations is maintained
• Ongoing management of IT systems
• A reactive service (managing and dealing with IT issues as they arise)
• A proactive operational service to adapt and optimise IT systems as the Company continues to expand into new markets
• Guidance on the best locations to recruit specialists and deliver support

This local knowledge and expertise has eradicated poor practice and saved the Company $00,000s in procuring IT equipment, recruitment fees, people management, insurance policies and time.

“All of our services come down to three core benefits, cost saving, time savings and value add savings. These are the core principles we’ve empowered this multinational business with” said Matthew Spicer, Managing Director of QTS Global.

The tried and tested, process driven approach allows the QTS Global team to take the framework developed for their China operations and transition this into new regions, making any necessary cultural adaptations to suit each local market.

Why QTS Global?

Without the support of QTS Global, the Company would need to invest in a team of up to 14 different people in as many countries to handle the local IT issues on the ground. While still maintaining an effective line of communication with the global IT team based in the USA.

Having IT services across multiple countries and locations hugely increases the risk of vulnerabilities and is an incredibly complex system to manage.

However, by partnering with QTS Global, the Company has been able to centralise its IT management, improve its procurement processes and benefit from having local resources on the ground.

Matthew Spicer, Managing Director of QTS Global, continues, “We have the level of global sophistication from a cultural standpoint that many EU, USA and UK based IT service providers don’t have. As well as the technical expertise, we also provide the ‘boots on the ground support’ so there’s no misinterpretation of what projects are delivering and the benefits the Company sees. The work we’ve done has supported this Company to expand quickly and become one of the biggest spirit and wine companies in the world.”

What is QTS Global All About?

QTS Global is an American IT company based in Asia Pacific for over a decade with a mission to vanquish needless IT suffering wherever our clients operate in APAC, UAE, and Germany.

We serve every imaginable industry including manufacturing, logistics, services (law firms, architecture, consulting), food & beverage, software, gaming, hospitality & leisure and educational institutions.

We’re about providing innovative support models customized and aligned to client requirements at the global level, spanning the entire enterprise.

We’re about locailizing support according to the client’s market requirements and ensuring that local teams are supported wherever they work, and wherever they go.

And we’re about resisting the status quo —rejecting questionable agendas in the name of building valuable, long-term and sustainable relationships with our clients.

The result? QTS Global has helped companies decrease fixed overhead costs by as much as 75% and increase productivity by 100%.

And in the end, that’s what it’s all about.

Let’s Connect!

The ability to operate at the level of multinational corporations calls for partners that operate with the same set of core principles to have a smooth and harmonious relationship.

Efficient, interoperable, cost-effective with integrity, QTS Global has been a committed partner.