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Physical Office Migrations

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Physical Office Migrations Made Easy

It’s not uncommon for companies to migrate offices after the business starts to grow. Relocating to a bigger space allows better facilities to be installed and more team members to be employed. However, moving to another office can be a hassle, especially when you have to transport all your existing IT infrastructures. If you encounter this problem, QTS Global can offer help!

IT-Related Concerns During a Physical Office Migrations

There are plenty of IT-related concerns to resolve during a physical office migration. Don’t worry because here are some tips you can follow to ensure everything will go smoothly:

Do an Ocular Inspection

When planning to relocate, be sure to inspect whether the new office is spacious enough to house all your computers and your data center. Check the internet connection in the area, as well.

Protect Your Equipment

Electronic devices are pretty sensitive, so place them in appropriate packages and or well-cushioned boxes if you’re planning to move.

Prevent Data Loss

All hard drives that contain sensitive information should be handled with extra care. If possible, assign someone to guard these devices during the relocation.

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We know that transferring to a new place can be troublesome, but we are here to make it easier for your whole organization. Contact us if you need assistance with your physical office migration.