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A server plays a crucial role in storing and accessing data across your network regarding business technology. It is a computer that provides information to the system, either through a local area or wide area network.

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If you need a company that can help you with your virtual and physical server implementation, QTS Global has you covered. Through the years, we have partnered with a lot of companies worldwide to provide them with long-term solutions.

The Two Types of Servers

Physical Server

Although they often differ in form factor, they function in much the same way as a typical computer. In addition, they can run various operating systems and applications off their internal hardware resources.

Virtual Server

This kind of server is specifically intended to offer computer resources for end-users who access programs and applications, making them function as software versions of physical servers.

What We Offer

Our team of IT experts provides the following solutions for our clients, which includes:

VMware vCenter

Microsoft/ Linux




P2V migration services

Enterprise Backup Solutions (e.g., Commvault and Veeam)

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